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Shamballa One Year Program 2015

Click Here to visit the registration page for the Shamballa One Year Program. Registration is Officially Open and the Course starts on the week of August 20th  


Message from Melchizedek – A One Year Training

NOTE:  I always experience Melchizedek’s energy as a Golden Light from above. During this channeling experience, I meditated for quite some time, not knowing who was going to come through. I kept asking the angels and they just said to relax and that they...


Shamballa – A New Global Program

This message below was posted before I began the first one year training.  I am currently accepting students to the next one year program with the Masters, starting Aug. 12th, 2015.  Contact me at for more info. *** In December of 2013, I...


Working With Your Spiritual Guides

Lots of people have asked me about How to Work With Spiritual Guides. Even though I enjoy making videos about the energy of specific well known guides and energies, I want to help as many people as possible develop the kinds of skills that I have cultivated...


Working With Archangel Michael


Working With the Violet Flame Video


Interview With an Arcturian

  Another Activating Interview. This time my Arcturian Guide, Shamal, spoke and answered questions live in the second hour. Just Click Here to visit Spaced Out Radio Archives. My Interview is on June 1st, 2015.

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Engaging the Flow 2

I am very excited to share with you this opportunity to experience the Engaging the Flow Course. Currently this course is offered at a special rate through the John Burgos Show.  Details will be posted shortly. Check out the Videos Below for more info.  ...

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Ripple Effects in Bali

This May, 2015, a new and exciting momentum for change opened up during one of my trips to Bali.  The video below explains it, but check out the pictures for the full story.   We started a little global clean up project and it...

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Celebrate Earth Day with Saryon on the Judy Show

  Hello Everyone,  So happy to share with you another amazing show with Judy Anderson.   Here below is the interview that we did on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2015   Also, I am offering a special on the Angel Course for only $127 through...


Activating Interview on Beyond the Ordinary!

  This is one of the best interviews I have ever done – thanks to the participation of the Ascended Masters who offered a powerful activation to everyone listening.   This interview also contains the best offer I have ever made on my courses...


Engaging the Flow – Video Series

It started with Kuthumi’s Message last fall, and then the prophesy became fulfilled, but that was just the beginning.  Here below is the whole series of videos to inspire you about our momentum for change and transformation in 2015 and beyond. First I offered...