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9 thoughts on “Free Teachings 1

  1. JOANNE THOEN says:

    I am feeling frustrated that I cannot access the Breakthroughs in Channeling course that I bought throu the John Burgos show. I was able to access the bonuses but not the actual course. Please help me.
    User name joannet
    PS I keep logging in and it keeps sending me back to log in over and over but I am blocked from members only section

  2. Marie-Louise Tyrteos says:

    hi , I just bought a package of breakthrough channeling and I am trying to find the course plus bonuses. I tried “your courses’ but it takes me to the login page. Hope you can help accessing my mp3’s,

    thank you!
    Marie-Louise Tyrteos

  3. Linda Varadi says:

    I am finding it very difficult to find or get the course that I bought called Breakthroughs in Channeling. Website seems so confusing. Hope it can be simplified

  4. Norma Kraushaar says:

    I would like very much to attend the session at 9 that was recommended by a friend but am not sure how to find it. Thank you.

  5. Judi Snyder says:

    Hi Saryon, I hope you are doing well. Today is July 24 2017 about 5:30pm MT. I ordered the channeling package through Beyond the ordinary but havent recieved the info from you yet to join the classes. I believe there is a live class tonight also for that program, class 2 of 5. I missed the one last Monday as I ordered late, will that one come as a recording? Thank you for your time.

  6. Colinne Anderson says:

    Just connected with you through beyond the ordinary and have now connected with you through this site…I have been waiting for some time now since I seem to have been hermitting for awhile and not really sure why, … asking for some guidance that would stimulate me to a new level of connection….. and I do believe I have found that stimulation through you!! Thank you I realize now that I fell into a pregnant pause so to speak , somehow stuck between the old and the new energy, knowing that all the old tools are useless and no longer needed…. waiting for the new tools ( which is my higher self!) but felt I had no way of accessing ….. and here I am!! I pray one day I will get to have a private session with you !!!

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