Healing Male/Female Duality – Activation and Discussion

This recording is from a group that I hosted with my partner Dixie in Brisbane, Australia in January 2018. It starts with a bit of a meditation/activation and about 12 minutes in there is a discussion about the new information.

Because there is a bit of white noise, and the recording is not the most perfect, I will give a little synopsis here for those that would prefer a quick read.

Several years ago, Saint Germain revealed a planetary healing ceremony that is underway, whereby emissaries of the masculine and feminine are being called to step into the Violet Flame together to symbolically enact a process of forgiveness between the masculine and the feminine for all of the pain created out of the experience of extreme polarity and duality.

As this process has progressed for some three years, we have now reached a point where a sufficient number of people are holding the frequency of the arising Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine so that we can experience a sacred marriage between the two.

There is a threshold that we are now being prepared to cross where this sacred marriage will take place between the Planetary Feminine and the Planetary Masculine, which will not only allow us to experience this as a union of the two within ourselves, but it will also make it easier for couples to align with a potential of harmony and balance through the support of this new planetary field.

It also means there will be more divine union couples in the world, and it will become more and more common for people to meet each other within this field and to have a more accelerated process of healing by ascending through this field in partnership with the Flame of Divine Union.

This is exciting news!  More info is in the recording if you care to listen.  Its about 25 minutes long.

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