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This is the first course and serves as an introduction to working with the Ascended Masters. During this course our inner plane guides and the spiritual energies of the School introduce themselves. This course is the foundation for a whole new body of work from the Masters and teaches us about how to allow manifestation to flow without getting in the way.  It also contains many prophecies about the manifestations being sent down from the higher dimensions, and our purpose to be divine receivers.

The School of Manifestation is not about the Law of Attraction and how to get what you want, like other manifestation courses teach.  It is about true co-creation with the Divine in a way that transcends the ways that self-will can impede a manifestation process that is part of our natural birthright. Many of the people that have take this course reported feeling as though a burden was being lifted in the process.

During the previous course the Arcturian Ancient Seven introduced themselves and announced they would be directing this new course.  In this course we hear from Shamal and Spring, two of the Ancient Seven, and we also receive transmissions from Metatron and the Arcturian Angels.  This is an excellent course for deepening your sacred marriage to the Earth, one of the focuses of the Arcturian Teachings.  If you are not familiar with this highly advanced ET race, this is a perfect introduction.

This third course unfolded as a well-orchestrated plan from the higher dimensions and I was blessed to be the channel for it.  This course is all about Angelic Integration and the role the angels are playing with the process of Higher Self Integration.  This course will bring you closer to the Angelic Presence and helps you attune to a more intuitive way of being.  The tools offered by the Angels for tapping into your Angelic Blueprint are profound and give you a window into the leading edge of humanity’s collective awakening process.

This class came about because of a need being expressed by many of my clients and colleagues for the kinds of experiential insights and techniques I have developed for dealing with psychic attacks. My guides also expressed that it is important for us to be more prepared for the reality shifting that we are moving into because there is a backlash happening from the astral plane as the light is increasing in us. We must be careful and vigilant because so many projects of light have been corrupted and shut down because people were not adequately protecting themselves. There is also an emphasis in this course on transcending duality and other techniques of healing empowerment.

This unique journey of healing, activation and self-discovery was inspired and overlit by the Ascended Masters, Saint Germain, Kuthumi, and Serapis Bey. This powerful course deals with an intensifying process of self-purification being accelerated by the arrival of the Ascension Flame. Special attention is given by the Masters in this course for the healing of humanity’s sacral chakra. This is about Engaging the Flow of the oneness energy that is arriving and understanding the ways we are being both accelerated and triggered by this energy. Learn about how to Engage the Flow of being led by your potential and deepen your relationship with both the Violet Flame and the Ascension Flame. Overcome obstacles to your growth and find new and empowering ways of relating to the evolutionary process we are in. This course was so impactful that I guided a second group of people through it, adding a second series of calls and videos that contain an even higher level of the original information.

A practical guide to developing practices for working with and communing with your Spiritual Guides; this online course includes 5 classes, 6 videos, and 2 Bonus Classes, complete with lesson plans and homework suggestions. This course was designed to focus more on techniques and exercises than any other course in the School of Manifestation.  Each week we journey into a deeper relationship with our guides and there are many activations that occur along the way.

This is a current ongoing series supporting people to make breakthroughs in the process of opening to channel your guides. This is the next level from the Working With Your Spiritual Guides Course and focuses on the many ways that you can experience openings in your channeling. The increasing interconnectedness between the dimensions means that Breakthroughs in Channeling are becoming more possible every day.

This project started in November of 2015 and is an ongoing series of Monthly Live Classes with a focus on Healing and Activation. These once per month classes offer an opportunity for you to ask live questions, or post a question in advance that I can answer on the life call for you to listen to later through the replay. Additional content is added to this series from my public appearances during my travels.



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Dear Saryon,

I wanted to thank you so much for this beautiful course and all the great transformation it has brought to me. Even though I believe that everything started when I enrolled in the Allowing Divine Manifestation and later the Arcturian Course, this course (Engaging the Flow) has brought me even closer to the Masters, Angels and inner guidance, together with a deep transformation. Through the thoughtful materials and the guidance you have provided I have had a lot of insights and issues to meditate on. It´s like just accepting the new points of view has made changes on my consciousness. Also the activations I think have been very powerful.

Today I have a lot more self-confidence and the issue I asked you about on a call I must say, I am not so afraid of standing out and in my power anymore!! This is an issue I have had almost my whole life and now it´s fading!!  I´m very happy also because now I´m filled with energy to give and create for me and others! So thanks again!

~ Marisol Aguilera

Dear Saryon,

In the past twenty-five years, I’ve known many people who channel. Some of them have garnered large followings, others just do private sessions and small groups.  I’ve always learned from them, and respected their work.

I must say, however, that I have never known anyone who channeled as many entities as you do; and you do it with such clarity and purity that it is an honor to be a part of the experience.

As for the course – “Allowing Divine Manifestation” – I believe I have been waiting for this all my life, and possibly many lifetimes.  I’m sure I have not even begun to assimilate all that has been given to this group; rather it is a process that has just begun, and will continue for the rest of my life. I have such great hope for the future – mine and all of Humanity’s. I am eager to fulfill my role in helping to bring about these glorious changes. Thank you for all that you have done in order to be the messenger for us – I’m sure your path hasn’t always been easy.  Please know that you and your work are greatly appreciated.

~ Ceresa

Dear Saryon,

To date I have taken three courses with you.  “Engaging the Flow” was the most recent one. Your way of teaching is remarkable for me in that you have a way of putting the sane back into insane or the normal into the un-normal ….. or the known into the unknown …. tangible into the intangible.  The place that your teaching helps me move into is like “home” ….  Giving me a sense of being connected.

As I have said before …. Your humility is so, so welcoming. The fact that you share some of your own misperceptions or mistakes of your own path ….. is huge … very reassuring. It gives me hope; helps me forgive myself and others more profoundly. Your gift of sharing and caring have helped me light up my perceptions of multidimensionality and to breathe with the many awarenesses that arise. I have appreciated your accessibility and support. It has made my journey that much more thrilling.  Dixie’s caring and support has also been wonderfully appreciated.

~ Keylaira

It has been a great honor to participate in School of Manifestation. The class has been great and our Teachers have been literally out of this world! This school is all about learning to Surrender to Divine Will. A lot of seeds have been planted and a lot of programs have been downloaded into us. And when the time comes it will be a glorious harvest.  And all that is asked of us is to be Open To Receive. In addition to that we have anchored love and light to Earth and Humanity.

After having many personal sessions with our channel, Saryon, I can assure that not only is he incredibly accurate channel, his integrity is undeniable. I have paid more than $400 once for 90 min reading with another psychic and haven’t gotten nearly as much detailed and accurate information.

~ Kristel

Most Beloved Saryon,

Words cannot express the powerful changes that I have been going through since I started with the School of Manifestation, starting with the first course. I then did the Arcturian course, the Angel course and now Engaging the Flow.  Each course added another flavor of vibration and healing. I Love them all and I am planning to start with the first one again and work my way through them all.

For the first time in many years I feel the quietness and a calm and peace within me that puts a smile on my face often. I feel love and guided and I trust all is well in my world. I am truly open to receive the healing gifts and love from the Angels, Ascended Masters and the Arcturians.  I am so blessed! I am so grateful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

~ Carolyn

The Manifestation course with the Masters has been a beautiful experience of connection within myself on deeper levels. I am grateful for Saryon’s ability to be a clear channel of the Divine. The messages that have come through him are supportive, empowering and imbued with the essences of peace and love. I am grateful for the energy downloads. They have facilitated awareness and clearing of old patterns as well as expansion of my gifts. The value of this course has been way above the monetary exchange that I invested in attending.

Thank you for your generous spirit, Saryon. Thank you for your commitment to be as clear as humanly possible. Your work is a gift to this world.

~ Linda

I stumbled upon Saryon by mistake. A wrong click led me to the School of Manifestation page. For some reason what the page offered was what I was seeking so it was destiny that then created the space for me to enroll in the Engaging the Flow Course.

The first thing I noticed is that I felt as if he was speaking directly to me. His message was to me and it simplified and cleared the confusion in my life. Each week I eagerly drank everything said. I surrendered and allowed my self to receive. Such a gift! If anyone seeks awareness, this is the course for you. It transformed my life.

~ Joe

This is my favorite school to date! Bless You! It’s more intuitive – like blossoms ….just love it….surprising me each time I come.

~ Violet